We do not want to leave anyone out, so we are happy to offer a Retailer Pledge Option for our Kickstarter Campaign, the Rifts® Board Game.

Beginning from the launch of the Rifts® Board Game campaign on Monday, May 8, at 3 PM, and until the pledge manager closes, we encourage retailers to be part of the Kickstarter Campaign and receive the game along with all unlocked stretch goals in increments of 6, 9 or 12 copies.

  • Only retailers with a brick and mortar store in the USA and Canada are eligible for the Retail pledge.
  • The retail discount is 40% off the “Enter the ‘Burbs” pledge.
  • Retailer pledges will contain all the Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign and will be delivered at the same time as normal backers.
  • A commitment deposit of $100.00 USD is required for the bundle packs (6, 9 or 12). The balance will be due right before shipment.
  • Every retailer backer will be limited to a maximum of 12 pledges.
  • A signed agreement between Rogue Heroes Publishing and the respective retailer that sets out the terms, above, will be required prior to shipment.
  • Please note that the final game will not be called Rifts® “Board Game.” We are having a Name the Rifts® game contest. The final product will be “Rifts®” subtitle: “contest winner’s title here.”
  • Please refer to the Rifts® Board Game page for details about the “Enter the ‘Burbs” pledge. If you are interested in the retailer pledge or have any questions, please contact us using the form on this page and we will reply as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not make a pledge directly on the Kickstarter page itself. A representative from the Sales Team will be in touch with you one month after the Kickstarter ends to finalize your order.