Rogue Heroes Publishing is a new company founded by Carmen Bellaire to create immersive, new board games. The other Rogue Heroes include Ben Calvert-Lee and “Big” Wyll Johnson, as well as a number of talented freelance sculptors, artists and consultants.

Carmen Bellaire, publisher and game designer, may be a name you know. He has been writing RPG books for many years, and has a long list of credits as writer or contributing writer: Splicers® RPG, Powers Unlimited® sourcebooks 1, 2 & 3, Rifts®: Merc Ops, Rifts®: MercTown, Rifts®: Mercenary Adventures, Rifts® RPG Ultimate Edition, Rifts®: Black Market, Rifts®: Northern Gun 1 & 2, Rifts®: Naruni Wave Two and Robotech® RPG Tactics.

Carmen’s previous board game design, Deus Machina, was purchased by Upperdeck Entertainment and is awaiting publication. Carmen is currently under contract with Upper Deck to design several additional board games to be released in the future.

Ben Calvert-Lee trained as an artist for computer games but his love for sculpting and tabletop wargames led him to start his own business, Master Crafted Miniatures. He came on board Rogue Heroes as lead sculptor and all-round “gaming guru.” Ben always aims to produce high quality miniatures through a combination of computer-aided design and more traditional sculpting techniques. He has worked with GCT Studios, Mantic Games, Mad Robot Miniatures, Guild Ball, Meridian Miniatures, Elemental Miniatures, Kabuki Models and many others before coming to Rogue Heroes.

Wyllyam Johnson is an artist and social media wiz who, while relatively new to the industry, is an avid, long-time board gamer and role player. Wyll handles much of the social media concerns for Rogue Heroes and aids in play testing and design, not to mention keeping Carmen and the team in line!